Diabetes and Fiber

Let’s talk FIBER!

Fiber is great for diabetics because the total fiber content in food doesn’t require insulin and can even reduce the number of carbs in the foods we eat. Say what?!

We can subtract the grams of fiber from the total carbohydrate count before giving ourselves insulin. This is because fiber cannot be digested like other carbohydrates. I won’t get too scientific but our bodies can’t break down fiber and it goes straight to the digestive track. There are two type of fiber that  I highlighted in the Venn diagram for you: soluble and insoluble fiber. There are TONS of benefits for all people to include fiber into their diets and it is no secret that most people don’t consume enough.

I have been (mostly except fish) plant-based for about a year now and I eat way more fiber than I ever have from nuts, seeds, fruits, plant proteins, vegetables, and legumes. I feel wonderful eating more fiber and can give myself less insulin, which is great. If you are a plant-based diabetic have you noticed anything similar?

If you are diabetic and experiencing blood sugar spikes after meal time, you could try to slowly incorporate more fiber into your diet to avoid those dreaded post-meal spikes.

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