Let’s Talk Diabetic Neuropathy!

Today I wanted to talk about Diabetic Neuropathy or Nerve Damage!

What is neuropathy? Neuropathy is a specific type of nerve damage that is caused by high blood sugar levels over time. When our blood sugar is high our nerves can be damaged all throughout our body. It is important to note that our extremities are the most susceptible to this. However, there are many, many ways to slow progression or even combat this from happening. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes colorful plates (I am a huge believer in adopting a plant-based lifestyle) and daily movement can be helpful for ALL diabetics!

I’m sure if you are reading this you have heard of diabetic neuropathy before but did you know that there are four different types? Yes, so let’s dive in and do some learning together, shall we?

The Four Types of Neuropathy or Nerve Damage


Peripheral neuropathy: This type is the most common and its symptoms vary from numbness and pain in the fingers and toes to not being able to feel hot or cold in these areas.

Autonomic neuropathy: This type has to do with the nerves in our eyes, sex organs, heart, blatter, stomach, and intestines. The symptoms vary but some examples are gastroparesis, bladder problems or hypo unawareness can occur. 

Proximal neuropathy: This type can affect the body starting on one side which can eventually spread to the other side. It can cause weakness and pain in parts of the body. It affects the nerves in our legs, hips, bottom, and stomach. 

Mononeuropathy (Cranial and Peripheral): This type is nerve damage in one specific nerve in the body. It can cause double vision, changes or loss of normal movements (trouble holding things), and numbness.

If you have neuropathy, please share your experience as learning from you would be helpful. Also, if you suspect you are developing neuropathy please contact a doctor or neurologist immediately because catching it early can prevent further damage and you are worth it! Today we can put some things into our toolkits: prevention is key and prevention can mean adopting healthier eating habits, moving our bodies daily, maintaining or getting our blood sugars in control, and even learning how to stay positive with diabetes (this is different for everyone!).

Did you learn anything today?

Do you have any experiences with neuropathy?

Do you know someone with neuropathy? If so, please share! Also, check out my last post on complications and something else you can add to your diabetic tool-kit!




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