T1D Children’s Book – Coming Soon!

What is something that’s on your bucket list?

For me, one thing I had on my list was to write a children’s book… and so I DID!

It is currently getting illustrated by the most amazing illustrator [ @colorpaperprincess ] and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. My inspiration first came from the lack of representation and diversity in my genre “diabetic books for children!” And you know what… the genre is changing as we speak! I recently came across an amazing Type 1 Diabetes children’s book called Shia Learns and it is so refreshing to see a new skin complexion in the genre!

The main character of my story will meet other diabetics while she is learning about diabetes and I want ALL children to see themselves as the characters. Also, I will share a way to help children cope with the initial diagnosis through positive thinking. This has been life changing for me and I continue to learn about the power of the mind in my journey. I will be sharing bits and pieces about my story as the process continues because your feedback / ideas as a community are invaluable to me. Get excited because a new T1D children’s book is coming soon!

If you are the parent of a T1D what do you feel is missing from the genre “diabetic books for children”?

Thanks for reading!


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