Feature Friday: Axel!

Feature Friday: Axel!


Feature Friday today is with Axel! Today we are featuring Axel who is an amazing 2 year old from New Jersey! Living with diabetes is not easy but his Dexcom G6 Sensor (@dexcom) and an Omnipod (@omnipod) help him!

His family says that his favorite diabetes supplies are “fun overlays (covers for CGMs- continuous glucose monitors) and decals for our Omnipod and Dexcom! “My entire family helps me thrive with diabetes by always being a positive support system and reminding me how strong and brave I am!”

Thanks for sharing Axel and family <3

If you want to connect with the family, visit them here on their Instagram @type1ax

Also, check out our last post featuring this amazing T1D and check out our books and journals to help you thrive with Type 1.

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