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This week we are hearing from an inspirational father, and “blood sugar boxer” who doesn’t let his diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes bring him down! Post diagnosis was hard for Elvis but he learned that through daily movement (walking and boxing), eating healthy, and education he could learn how to live and thrive with diabetes!


Hi, my name is Elvis Gomez I am 43 years old I am a father of two, I am from Chicago Illinois.


On July 2, 2015  my family forced me to go to the doctor to get check out . Then I got a phone call that changed my life forever, it was a call from my doctor, I was told I was type 2 diabetic, my A1c was at 14.7, and my blood sugars were running at 550+.

At that point I wasn’t in the best of health and feeling most of the symptoms of diabetes which includes the uncontrollable thirst and frequent trips to the bathroom, blurred vision, neuropathic pain all over my body, it felt like fire ants crawling all over me at night. I also lost about 35 lbs of weight.

I was so scared and alone and didn’t know what to do.

My doctor prescribe me metformin, I started taking it and it was helping me lower my blood sugar but it came with a down side. I couldn’t handle the side effects which were uncontrollable problems in the rest room, so I stopped taking them. My doctor and I spent two years trying different medications to see what works. I was on Farxiga that made me go hypo (have low blood sugar).

Breaking Point

After all the bad experiences I had with medication I said I had enough, I told my doctor that I was going to try to reverse it . She said no one with my type of diabetes has done it. I said challenged accepted, I will be the first one. I went home bought some boxing glove and started boxing, I pick up book and started to educate myself about this condition, I started developing skill in the kitchen, becoming creative with low carb recipes. I started walking more.


Now in 2021, my last A1c is at 6.8 and I am two years off any medication. Hard work and believing in yourself and never giving up, pays off!

I’m Elvis and I will not let diabetes have power over me.


Thank you for reading! Go check out more from Elvis here and follow his journey. Also, if you missed my last post on skincare- go check it out (all products are linked in post)!

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