Diabetes Journal * L I V E *

Diabetes Journal is * L I V E! *


Do you remember how you felt after being diagnosed with diabetes?

I do, like it was yesterday! I have been reflecting on how I could help newly diagnosed diabetics in our community. The post-diagnosis of a chronic illness is hard for anyone, especially children and their caregivers.

I finally decided on sharing what has helped me because I know it could help others. When I was diagnosed as a T1D, someone gave me a notebook. This notebook was something I wrote in it almost daily! How did it help?It allowed me to process my feelings of an unknown disease that had just taken over my life, and it was therapeutic in many ways.

This 30 day reflection journal for newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetics will help children: express themselves through writing.

In this journal you will find:
♡weekly reflections
♡guiding questions
♡brain-dump sections
♡affirmation pages
♡to-do list sections
♡weekly emotional check-ins


This diabetes journal is for children and young teens but can be completed with parents too! We all know that being diagnosed with an illness isn’t easy, and I found that journaling helps at any age. This journal can be found on Amazon, CLICK HERE and check it out if you are interested. I appreciate the love, support, and inspiration you all give me.

Before you go- please tag someone (e-mail or IG) who would love this journal and check out the latest thriving diabetic featured yesterday.


Thank you DIA FAM! 


Thriving Diabetic 


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