Diabetes and Hydration: 3 Things You Should Know!

Diabetes and Hydration: 3 Things You Should know!

We all know what to do in order to live a healthy life… eat “heathy” (whatever that means to you), get a good amount of sleep, move your body daily, and drink water! For many, this is easier said that done. I always hear people saying “I know I聽don’t drink enough,” or “water is boring / doesn’t taste good.” I GET IT, I GET IT… but besides all the amazing benefits of drinking water- did you know that we actually SHOULD drink more as diabetics. Allow me to explain!

3 Things YOU Should Know


  1. First of all, high blood sugar(s) can cause by dehydration! If our sugars are rising and falling throughout the day even slightly, drinking enough water is imperative to ward off dehydration. If you drink more water the blood sugar waves may not be as dramatic and your body will be hydrated, more satiated, and happy.
  2. Next, if your blood sugar ever rises throughout the day- you’re not alone! Remember, your body cannot eliminate 聽the excess of sugar or glucose in the body without water! Drink more after a high blood sugar to avoid rebounding (having another spike later).
  3. Finally, there have been numerous studies conducted on water intake and diabetes. All of the studies conclude that drinking more water helps diabetics to have more controlled blood sugars! See? A simple habit can have an amazing ripple effect!

As a person who struggled to drink a sufficient amount of water in the past, here are my quick tips for increasing your water consumption throughout the day!

Quick Tips


  • add fruit and herbs to your water! Try frozen mango or dragon fruit cubes, mint and watermelon, blueberries and lime, the possibilities are endless.
  • invest in a durable, easy to clean, reusable water jug! I liked my favorites in different sizes down below. They are much better for the environment and help you drink more throughout the day. Win win 馃檪
  • try a flavored seltzer water that has zero sugar / calories / carbs. It’s delicious cold and a great treat on a hot summer day!


Here are some of my favorite reusable water bottles!


This half-gallon bottle is great to carry around and increase your water intake throughout the day!


This ombre gallon bottle is great for long work days and trips!


I hope this post inspires you to drink more water so you can thrive with diabetes. Please let me know if you have any tips or tricks for drinking more water! I’d love to hear yours!



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