Health is a Mindset ~ Mindset Shifts for Diabetics

When I learned about the law of attraction, I realized that I have to change my mindset in order to attract more of what I want. Then I started to realize the importance of mindset shifts for diabetics. For many of us, this probably involves our health or the health of a family member with diabetes. I was never a “positive thinker” but I learned how to shift my mindset to find the positives in life. Yes, it’s not always easy. Yes, it takes awhile to do this with a chronic illness. Yes, somedays you will fall down. All of that is normal and totally okay!

Think about it this way- if we go through life dwelling on the negatives of diabetes, life will show us more negative. We can learn to shift our mindset and change any negative or harmful thought that come into existence. First, you must pay attention to your thought patterns because they affect EVERYTHING we do. Our thoughts even affect the routines and rituals we have in place for ourselves regarding all aspects of our health. Second, when a negative thought comes into mind- we have to reframe it! Here are some example: “I want to workout but I have kids and I’m tired,” “Healthy food is expensive and I can’t afford it,” and “Diabetic complications are unavoidable and inevitable.”

Reframe Your Thinking

“I want to workout but I have kids and I’m tired” -You will never workout, you will still have kids, and you will continue feeling tired. Instead of thinking like this, involve your kids into your fitness routine and that wonderful movement will give you the energy you desire.

“Healthy food is expensive and I can’t afford it” -Yes, healthy food may seem expensive but have you explored all your options? There are resources out there for you to take advantage of, such as, coupon apps, famers markets where you can develop relationships with people who grow food, produce markets- buy bulk for a discount, etc. Instead of thinking that your health is expensive, think of how you are investing in yourself! Medical bills are more expensive long term and healthy foods can be grown in your own backyard (literally).

“Diabetic complications are unavoidable and inevitable” -No, this is just sad. If you think this way you will just bring it upon yourself and your habits will match the mindset. Diabetic complications can potentially happen with poor control over time but is this how you want to go through life? When I hear this, I hear someone waiting for something terrible to happen. Instead, know that good things are ahead- like the amazing advances in technology and with your positive attitude your health comes first. Your mindset shift here can actually aid in the prevention of complications because your relationship with diabetes will change. You will care more and take care of yourself more, leading you father from what you don’t want.

Now, time for the good stuff! Here are 3 ideas for a diabetic mind shift, let’s do this…

TOP 3 ~ Mindset Shifts For

Diabetics and Their Families

  • Know that the beginning is ALWAYS the hardest but things will get easier.

No matter where you are in your diabetic journey, you need to believe it gets easier. I can say that it does. I’ve been a diabetic for 21 years and yes, I struggle from time to time with my ratios, blood sugars, basal rates, and even positive thinking but overall things have gotten so much easier. You will become an expert in your own health, you will experiment with movement and foods. You can learn how everything from stress to caffeine affect your blood sugars! It’s an amazing journey if you really think about it and it is constantly challenging and changing. It’s great to enjoy the process and that involves mindset shift number 2.

  • Focus on your thinking patterns in the present moment, positive thoughts are transformative when it comes to our health and even the health of our family members.

Our moment to moment thinking patterns create our life. If we are living in the past or future, we cannot enjoy the current moment. We thrive when we are in the moment and not reflecting on what happened an hour ago when we forgot to bolus or feeling bad because of yesterday blood sugar train wreak. It happens. We have ALL been there, move on. If you feel yourself dwelling in the past, just bring yourself back and remember that the here and now is what you can control. Which brings me to my last mindset shift!

  • Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.


We can’t control everything and that is tough but have you counted the external forces that try to control diabetes? (haha) I think it’s best to focus on what we can work on, rather than what we cannot. We can control the health of our mind, body, and soul. We can educate ourselves, share this knowledge with others, and learn from others! It’s great and it’s something we are in control us. We may get crazy sugars once in awhile but you analyze your patterns and what happened. You learn from it and feel more confident the next day. That is an amazing mindset shift, don’t you think?

I hope these mindset shifts for diabetics help empower you because you are powerful! What mindset shift will you try to adopt? Please share in the comments. Also, if you enjoyed this then head on over to check on my post on affirmations. Thank you ♡


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