Feature Friday: Brooke and Payton (Paydee)

Feature Friday: Brooke and Payton (Paydee)

This Feature Friday with Brooke and Payton (Paydee). Payton was diagnosed with T1D December 1, 2020. Paydee is very shy until she gets to know you. Once paydee comes out of her shell, she is the sweetest and funnest little you could ever come across. She loves to dance, sing, and draw. I use to be the same way when I was younger but over the years, I have out grown being shy.
Now, love to get to know new people and I’ve become more involved in the Type 1 Community. I always tell anyone we run across who asks how Type 1  is going, that we are simply doing our best. Thats the only way i know how to describe a Type 1 life. You can do the same thing day in and day out, and every day comes with a new results, you know?  That’s okay!


Paydee was diagnosed in December of 2020. My entire family was sick at the time with Typhus and all in the hospital. We assumed when Paydee stated to show signs of being sick, and she had Typhus as well. Once we were at the hospital and heard she was a Type 1 Diabetic we were in disbelief. We decided to conquer it head on and do the best we could with the information given to us.
My son was already at that hospital in ICU as well battling Typhus. which meant we had 4 kids, 3 being in the hospital now and 2 in ICU!
To top it all off 2 were in Downey and one in Anaheim (different hospitals), and Covid was going on so only parents were allowed to stay with the child. Well we were out numbered, so they had to make an exception. Following that ambulance, I felt so lost my husband and I both began crying but tried to stay strong for our baby. We knew very little of diabetes but we tried to never show Paydee that we were upset. We stayed strong for her and reassured her every step of the way that things were going to be okay, and that we would come out of this stronger than ever.

Learning and Support

She stayed in the hospital for about three days and during that time. At the time we were so unsure, how did they know we could handle it when we had such little information. Mrs. Sandy (our Endocrinologist) gave us all the info she could and reassured us we would be fine. I couldn’t understand how everyone was so reassuring and trusting we would be ok, but things worked out.
Shortly after we got Paydee a Dexcom and researched day and night to learn all we could, and in 3 short months we brought her A1C from a 15 (yikes i know) to 6! It was a TON of hard work and sleepless night but i finally understood why everyone had believed in us. I knew at this point that there was going to be good days and bad days and thats ok (as long as we are always doing our best).
Explaining T1D
After first getting home from the hospital, we explained to Paydee that was we now be checking her blood sugar and giving her shots of insulin because her body needed help. It was the best way i could explain it to a 7 year old, but we let her sit in on every meeting and didn’t hide anything from her.
Tips or Tricks!
Our tips and tricks for diabetes is first off you need to learn that this is a diagnosis that is unpredictable, and even if you do the same thing every day you will get a different results. You need to become ok with that first. Also get involved in the community, I always explain it as a community that none of us wanted to join, but love one another now that we are here! Also, become as educated as you possibly can, research, ask for advice and no questions are dumb questions.
Please know right now that everyone is going to have an opinion about diabetes and they will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. Simply listen to there advice and just do what you feel is right. As far as making life easier, I highly recommend a Dexcom, especially for young ones. It sends a reading (records your blood glucose) every 5 mins to tell you what your child’s blood sugar is at. We use the Sugarmate app which has been a God send. It tells you where their numbers  are trending and how much they have gone up or done with in the last 5 minutes. Other things are patches, unisolve (to take patches off), and a diabetic bag!
We also like to keep a small note book of fast food places and the carb counts for Paydee’s favorite meals also at the bottom of the page. We put how many units to give her and how the meal affected her blood sugar.Also for younger ones, check out “Jerry the bear” he really helped in the beginning with learning and feeling comfortable with MDI. She also received a doll at the hospital we dolled up and named Ella. We let her use saline and needles to give her shots when ever she felt fit for them. This truly helped Paydee become more comfortable with needles. Honestly i could go on and on about secret and tips and what helps but i would say check out our IG for our latest finds and what works best for us.
Thriving as a Family

Thrive is such a strong and powerful word. I would say we thrive in our every day lives as a Type 1 family. We are constantly succeeding and moving forward, educating ourselves.


What helps us as a Type 1 family is our community. That goes for groups that we can reach out to for answers. Also a strong family support and people we can rely on. Join as may groups as possible and reach out, know your not alone, and your going to be ok. You’ve got this!!
You know, I  think we were as educated and reassured as possible from day one. Everyone believed in us and constantly told us, you’re doing great, it’s going to be ok. Do that for others. Let them know. It’s ok and your allowed to be scared, beaten down, and feel defeated at times. Don’t let your child with Type 1 see that this affects you. Let them know that we are strong and its ok to be sad. Take a moment but it doesn’t define you. It’s not who you are only a part in your life story.
Hope and Gratitude
This entire time I have been trying to spread words of hope and encouragement to others. Please reach out, call me, text me anytime- I am always here for anyone in need. Most type 1 families are as well and you got this, trust me. You’re doing great.
I want to share my gratitude to this community and how thankful I am for everyone being so supportive and understanding of one another. It’s truly amazing, and if your new-welcome to the club that no one wanted to be part of. We love each other immensely!
LOVE, Paydee and Mom (Brooke)
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