Feature Friday: Thomas & Family!

Feature Friday: Thomas & family!

Last week we learned about an amazing T1D mama, and this week I wanted to introduce you to a T1D dad! Thomas Cintron live’s in New York and is dedicated dad of two, a motivated athlete, and has been diabetic for 23 years! He considers himself a lifelong learner, and his family and daughter’s make his world go round!

Family Life

I have one biological daughter and one step daughter who I love both equally and so very much! The impact my year old daughter has on my diabetes is more then I ever imagined. When you bolus for a meal and all of a sudden they aren’t hungry anymore or want more then you need to tend to their needs before yours and your sugar starts to crash so you shove food in your mouth so you don’t die. Another is the amount of sleep you lose at night which effects your sugar because you aren’t getting proper amount of sleep. The lack of sleep leads to your body being stressed…. which then can lead to making bad choices in what you should eat…. which then leads to highs and lows!

Hypo Experience

Several months ago I had a low of 24. The low can occur so fast and unexpected. I was still in control I felt but I couldn’t talk properly or in full sentences. I remember sitting down and the room was spinning. I got orange juice and chugged. Even after my BG (blood glucose) came back up to normal range, I was still so out of it for the next few hours.

Diagnosis Story

I was diagnosed at the age of 13 after being told I had the flu. It was a week before Christmas and I started feeling very tired and always thirsty. I lost 26 lbs in a short week and was sleeping constantly. The Drs were still convinced it was still the flu. I few more days went by and I went to the hospital. It was then a nurse decided we should test my sugar. At that time I believe it was like 25 seconds to get a reading…. But when it finally revealed my BG number, it was 707 . The doctor came in and said, “we figured out why you lost so much weight and always tired and thirsty and frequently urinating”…. And that’s when they told me I’m Type 1 Diabetic! This past January marked 23 years of being a T1D!

Initial Thoughts

It didn’t hit me till a few days after when the nurse came to my parents house and was keeping it real with me about all the facts and possible outcomes (if I don’t keep on top of it.) I remember breaking down and realizing that this will be my way of life going forward.

Diabetic Tip/Trick

My number one tip for maintaining my sugars are low impact walks after meals! 15-30 minutes gets the insulin working more effective then ever before.

What does THRIVE mean to you!

In the world of diabetes and life thrive means 1) Never give up  2) Never settle for just OK 3) Always push to do the best I can in life and in keeping my BG numbers on track and in range.

Thriving to be the best helped me get my A1C from a 10 to 4.3 in less then a year with constant hard work.

How you THRIVE

What helps me thrive with diabetes is the support from my family and the diabetic community. What also helped be thrive is constantly educating myself in the amount of sugars, carbs and fibers in various foods.

Words of Encouragement

I would like to let other T1D’s and their families know that you are never alone! The diabetic community are a bunch of amazing supporting people! I can tell you personally that I leaned on them numerous times and always helped me through. Diabetes is a disease that is relentless and never sleeps but we can manage it because we are WARRIORS!

Hope you enjoyed reading ♡

You can find Thomas here on IG @thecfamily_betes

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