My Healthy Lifestyle Change!

I am healthy, radiant, and thriving! That has been my affirmation lately and I am so excited to read more of, “Mastering Diabetes.” ? I love my new healthy lifestyle change and have already see changes in my insulin levels.

So what is this book about?

Well the book provides you with valuable research explained and the optimal diet for increasing insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes. Find the book here at Mastering Diabetes. This book provides reader’s with a way to reverse insulin resistance in any type of diabetes through food, not medicine. They also have a great blog, online community, and a lot of support for people interested in learning more about eating whole food, plant-based (low fat).

You may have seen my IG posts about eating whole foods, plant-based because I dove in head first once I heard about this approach to eating. I haven’t even finished the book (mom life) but I am learning so much invaluable information and my insulin requirements are changing everyday- which is a good thing! I have already decreased my basal rate (-6.0) in just a few weeks and I am excited to see more significant changes over time. Adjusting my basal rates have never been more exciting!

Diabetic Rut

I wanted to share this book with you in case you are in a diabetic rut, which I felt I was in. My job has totally changed from standing for most of the day to sitting all day. I was eating healthy (plant based but oils and processed foods) and working out but my insulin requirements were increasing and I was frustrated. I am happy that plants can be my medicine along with liquid gold (insulin). ??


So far the main changes in my diet have been focused around the macros of protein and fat. This way of eating is focused primarily on carbohydrates. I also have been learning how to cook without oil and it has been easier than I thought (especially in the air fryer). I have been enjoying fruit or oatmeal for breakfast with my coffee, a soup / salad or both (if I am prepared) for lunch, and pasta, burrito bowls, or tofu stir frys for dinner. It’s definitely forced me to be more creative and experiment with different fruits and veggies I’m not use to eating. Variety is definitely the spice of life again in my kitchen!

Have you ever read the Mastering Diabetes book? What are your thoughts on eating high carb / low fat as a diabetic? Please share! ??

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