Positive Affirmations for Diabetics

Positive affirmations for diabetics are powerful. They are the words you say to yourself, your inner thoughts.

Are you feeding yourself negative thoughts or positive thoughts? Our self-talk is so important for creating the life we want, the healthy body we desire, and it can even shift our mindset which can change our perception of the world. That’s why they are powerful. During my 21 years of diabetes I have tried to stay away from the negativity. There is so much negativity, stigma, and misinformation when it comes to diabetes. Also, many people don’t realize how many types of diabetes there are! The diabetics I know are actually healthier than my non-diabetic friends and acquaintances.

I experienced the “diabetic negativity, misinformation, and stigma” first-hand during my pregnancies. Even though I was drinking green smoothies for breakfast, taking walks, and drinking a gallon of water… I was a high-risk pregnancy simply because I was a diabetic. It really bothered me that I was doing everything right but I was automatically put into a category because of this disease. I understand why diabetes is considered high-risk but it was disheartening and upsetting to be recommended to nutritionists. I felt like the word “diabetes” made me sound unhealthy and that something terrible would happen in my pregnancy.

Instead of feeding this negativity, I learned about positive affirmations and years later they still stick with me. I AM healthy and I AM thriving. If you are struggling with your diabetes, why not give positive words a try. We create our life with our thoughts, so do you want to be healthy and thrive with me? If so, let’s go!

Here are six quick positive affirmations for diabetics you can repeat to yourself if you have diabetes. You are in control of your body, your blood sugars will continue to get better, you are strong, healthy, and happy, you accept diabetes, you only compare yourself to yourself, your mistakes allow you to grow!

Create some affirmations for yourself starting with I AM ______________. If you feel comfortable, share one below. If you love this concept of affirmations, click here to view some more uplifting ones!

Also, please join in our community and share your story with the world.

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