Author Shout-out Time!

Author Shout-out Time!


As the mother of two little boys and an elementary school teacher, I am always on the hunt for good children’s books. Lately, I have been looking for books that empower children and help promote mindfulness. If you are a parent or teacher you may know that these skills need to be taught and reinforced. The great news is that I found some books that can help!

Whether you are in quarantine or snowed in (like we are) it is a great time to read with your children. Here are some books I have been reading to my 5 year old…

Book 1 ♡ “I Can Do Hard Things” by Gabi Garcia [ @gabigarciabooks ]
I love the positive message in this book, the mindfulness practice through affirmations, and the illustrations which can be representative of children all over the world. This is a book I enjoy reading with my own child as well as children in my ESL classes because they can see themselves in the characters. Gabi also has great resources and books in Spanish too on her website.
Book 2 ♡ “My Body Sends a Signal” by Natalia Maguire [ @natalia.maguire ]
This book helps children to identify their emotions and teaches them how to express their feelings in a positive way.  I feel that my son is able to recognize his emotions and connect words and feelings to his emotions now. This story includes emotion and feeling cards as well and can be used in many ways, including playing a game which the author explains in the book.
Book 3 ♡ “Think for Myself- At School” by Kristy Hammill [ @holisticthinkingkids ]
This book is part of a “holistic thinking series” and I love the message the author conveys! She wants to empower children to be themselves while showing respect to others and their differences. This book is important for children around my son’s age (5) because he is learning that not everyone thinks like he does and that’s okay.
Do you have any book recommendations for my family on the topics of self-empowerment, mindfulness, and positivity? If so, share below and if you enjoy this topic check out my diabetic affirmations! ~ Stephanie

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