Feature Friday with Leandro!

 Feature Friday with Leandro!

Welcome to Feature Friday with Leandro! Today we are hearing from a husband and father of triplets (5 year olds), who has overcome a misdiagnosis, and even diabetic ketoacidosis. He is currently a tourism professional and curious about diabetes information. Leandro Guaseli resides in Assis, Brazil and is proud to share his story in hopes of helping others learn more about Type 1 Diabetes.
Do you have good diabetes care where you live?
Thank God I have access to inputs and so I measure blood glucose and apply insulin.
Diagnosis Story
In 2019, it was association of symptoms (weight loss, excessive hunger, thirst and frequent urination) that led me to seek a doctor. I had exams and was wrongly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As the treatment had no effect at the end of 2020, I had diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). I spent 29 days in the ICU and I survived by a miracle because the damage was great.
Was accepting diabetes difficult for you or are you still learning to accept it?
It was really hard, I went into depression and it really brought me down.
(NOTE: This is not uncommon. People who live with Type 1 Diabetes have a greater risk of depression – about 5 x’s greater than those who do not have T1D. -JDRF)
What does thrive mean to you?
For me it’s growing, developing knowledge, attitudes and thus relating better with diabetes.
Words of Encouragement
I believe that the search for information and exchange of experiences helps a lot in the daily life of a diabetic.
Final Thoughts
When you have friends and family close to you, the burden becomes lighter. So talk, ask for help and never close yourself off.
Leandro ( Find his Instagram HERE)
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