Feature Friday with Chris Ruden!

Feature Friday!


This week I am proud to announce that we are featuring Chris Ruden from Fort Fauderdale, Florida.

Chris has been living with聽Type 1 since 2010 and has been a huge inspiration in the diabetic community. Chris is all about motivating others, destigmatizing what disability looks like, he’s also powerlifter, a keynote speaker, a model… and he does all this awhile being a total badass. Did I mention he is also a motivational speaker, featured on NBC’s The Titan Games Season 1, and the author of “The Upper Hand!” which can be found on amazon. His story is inspiring and I am so happy to share what he believes people living with diabetes should know!

Without further ado- let’s hear from Chris…

“The number one thing you can learn to live with diabetes not for diabetes. So much fear in this condition we never asked for can be lessened by learning about diabetes and finding a solid endo/diabetes educator or even a free online T1D community. Stay supported. Stay informed. Learn from the highs and lows

What helps me is not emotionally investing in my blood sugars and not defining me by a snapshot in time of those numbers. If they are in range great, what did I do to get them there. If they are not, how can I fix this and can I do something to potentially avoid that in the future.”



Find him here on IG and his book here on Amazon 馃檪

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