Dispose of Diabetic Sharps Safely!

Needles, sharp supplies, diabetes… ohhhh my! How do we dispose of diabetic sharps?

Today I want to talk to you about some important information you must know about how to dispose of diabetic sharps! Needles and other diabetic sharps are a huge part of having diabetes but there are many options for disposing them properly. It also varies, depending on where you live and it’s good to refresh yourself once in awhile! Every community has different regulations and guidelines so if you have moved or are planning to move, make sure you check to see your options.

Some options may include but are not limited to: FDA mail-back programs, hazardous waste collection sites, special waste pick-up services or local collection sites. In addition, you can check with your family doctor or endocrinologist to see where they would recommend you to dispose of your sharps. I have even heard of people taking their sharps to their doctor’s office.

Here is a website that can help you find the options for safe disposal in your specific area:

State Search


Did you know?

-Do not fill a sharps container to the top, it should only be 3/4’s full

-Always store your container out of reach from children or animals living in the home

-Sharps include lancets, CGM trash, infusion sets, CGM applicators, needles, and syringes

-There are many options for disposal but trash and recycle are not one of them

-You do not have to buy a fancy diabetic sharps container off of a website, use an empty coffee tin or laundry detergent gallon instead, they work just as well

-You can break apart CGM applicators to reduce the waste in your sharps container (this was a tip someone shared with me on IG!)

If you have any unanswered questions regarding diabetic sharps, please leave them in the comments below! How do you dispose of your diabetic sharps? Also, if you liked this post check out the previous post on positive diabetic affirmations.


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