Can Diabetes Affect YOUR Hair?!

Can diabetes affect your hair?!

Yes, of course it can! Diabetes can place extra stress and increased amounts of inflammation in our bodies. Whatever is happening on our inside, will eventually show on the outside / our exterior appearance. Maintaining good blood sugar control is important for healthy hair but “good control” can be interpreted differently for everyone. Avoiding high blood sugars is really important because when our blood glucose levels are high, our blood vessels can become damaged. Hair needs healthy blood vessels in order to receive nutrients, therefore, this is just another reason to keep those sugars in check!

Our hair is also greatly affected by hormones, stress, our diets, water intake, the ingredients in products placed on the hair, and how we care for and treat our locks. Here are some great hair care tips I’ve come across over and over and these are some I’ve been trying lately (well doing the best I can at trying them). Hope they work for you!

Hair tips:

  1. Minimize heat on your hair! If you must use heat- use a heat protectant.
  2. Eat a well balanced diet, your hair needs nutrients ladies!
  3. Always aim for good blood sugar control (easier said than done amiright?)
  4. Use natural products in your hair (ingredients you can read).
  5. Find a good hair oil, use 1 x per day for shiny and healthy ends
  6. Try deep conditioning treatments (moisture) and rice water rinses (protein).
  7. Stay away from hair color if you can, you don’t need it!
  8. Only use a wide tooth comb when hair is wet!
  9. Embrace your natural hair texture- curly, wavy, straight… love it!
  10. Sleep on a silk pillow case or use a silk hair / head wrap for bedtime.
  11. Take hair vitamins and/or use a collagen supplement for growth.
  12. Learn protective hairstyles if you are in a transitional phase.
  13. Drink water, yes it helps your skin and hair too. That’s a win!
  14. Wash your hair less frequently, natural oils are great for growth.
  15. Add a workout to your day to help with stress and bringing oxygen to the scalp.


Love to you all!



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