Tracking Your Blood Sugar: 5 Wonderful Benefits!

Tracking Your Blood Sugar: 5 Wonderful Benefits!


Hello Diabetes family!

As you know there are many wonderful benefits that come with tracking your blood sugar and making changes over time. Some of us have the luxury and privilege of having CGM’s track our sugars for us and then we simply check the data and make adjustments as needed. However, not all of us enjoy having a device attached to us while others cannot afford the expensive diabetes devices. So if you are not tracking your blood sugars currently, I wanted to provide you with 5 wonderful benefits related to tracking.
How can I track my blood sugar?

I recently created this diabetes notebook / log for those who enjoy recording and monitoring their blood sugars. It includes ◌ Doctor Information ◌ Weekly Blood Sugar Records ◌ Daily Averages ◌ Note Pages ◌ Sections for: Ratio Changes,  A1C Results and Endocrinologist Appointments. How cool?! One notebook for just about everything diabetes!

Do I need to track ALL the time?

I am not someone who enjoys logging my sugars all the time but sometimes it is necessary and helpful! Always consult your doctor! I hope that if you are someone who needs to record your sugars, track your daily averages, or A1C’s and doctor’s visits you will consider this notebook.
What are the benefits to tracking my blood sugar levels?

✧ help you see patterns or trends overtime with your blood sugar readings, so you can adjust ratios
✧ takes the guesswork out of carb counting because you will see how insulin reacts with tracking
✧ allows you to see how movement and diet affect your blood sugars

✧ reduce the likelihood of developing complications and diabetic related issues

✧ it can help you make better informed decisions with food / insulin based on your readings

If you are not into tracking your sugar, why not?

Personally, I have found that you do not have to track all the time but there are times that it helps immensely! If you are noticing insulin resistance, starting a new job / school, dealing with outside stressors, having trouble with frequent highs (hyperglycemia) or lows (hypoglycemia) then it may be time to start tracking your blood sugars to regain control.

Thanks for reading about the 5 wonderful benefits to tracking your blood sugar! You can find the blood sugar log here on Amazon “My Diabetes Stuff”.

♡ Stephanie


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