Honduran Herbalist ~ Dr. Sebi

Travel Destination: La Ceiba

In 2012, I decided to travel by myself to Honduras to explore a new culture and to enjoy life Caribbean style! I decided to stay with a host family there to get the “full experience” and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! While staying with a family in La Ceiba who I met by chance, in an unknown country- I began opening up to them about my life. On day on a chicken bus driving home from the jungle, my friend Joel told me about a doctor named Dr. Sebi who was a known locally and internationally as a herbal healer.

I was immediately intrigued, open-minded, and wanted to hear more about this herbalist who could apparently heal people.

I remember laughing and thinking- what are the chances of a diabetic coming all the way to La Ceiba from Philadelphia- in the town of a man who has the cure for diabetes! haha

Usha Village

I told my friend I wanted to go meet Dr. Sebi and he thought it was a great idea so we went straight to the Usha Village by bus. When I arrived it was peaceful and beautiful as many places in Honduras are. However, Dr. Sebi wasn’t there in the village and I was given information and sent on my way. I do regret not being persistant during my stay,  it would have been nice to speak to Dr. Sebi and learn from him. Years later, I am still hearing about his beliefs and his impact he has had on many people (celebrities like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Michael Jackson, and Nipsey Hussle just to name a few).

The Power of Alkalinity

The Usha “healing” website states that Dr. Sebi believed that life expresses itself in an environment of PH 7.1 or higher (alkaline not acidic). Therefore, he believed in the power of an alkaline diet and geothermal spring waters which are rich in minerals. He advised people to avoid acidic and mucus causing foods. If you know anything about alkalinity in the body, eating this way makes sense! However, there is a lot of criticism and disbelief online about this type of restrictive way of eating (examples include: lack of protein, B-12, and even omega  3 fatty acids).

I wanted to share my little Usha / Dr. Sebi experience with you and see if you have ever met any holistic doctors or healers. I believe that food in medicine and although I am not convinced of a cure, I had hope back then and I still have hope today for a cure.




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