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Today we are celebrating London from California and her equally adorable   diabetic alert dog, Sherlock! Sherlock has saved London’s life on many occasions and has been part of the family for 4 years now. There is no family history of Type 1 Diabetes in London’s family and she has two brothers, one older and one younger. London follows a low carb diet which helps her mother, Adrienne, keep her A1C in control and gives them piece of mind.


Adrienne Reade (Mother), and London who has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes for almost 5 years now!

Description of self

I’m at stay at home Mom of 3 incredible kids. London is my 6 year old T1D daredevil girl!

Diagnosis Story

London was breathing rapidly. We now know that was a late sign of DKA. I had a Mommy intuition moment and felt something wasn’t right. I took her at 3:30 on a Friday to the pediatrician and remember sitting in office when she said let’s do a blood sugar test. Moments later she came running in telling us she had T1D and that we needed to go to the hospital ASAP.

Initial Thoughts

I think we were in total shock. No family history of T1D and even being medical professionals we missed all of the other signs. We just did what needed to be done at the moment.

How did you explain diabetes to your child? What resources did you feel were helpful and what was missing?

London was so young at diagnosis, 16 months, that she didn’t understand much about what was happening. I think the JDRF bag of hope was helpful. I feel like t1d is treated at a one size fits all disease and the management that is taught for newly diagnosed kids is severely lacking. 

Diabetic Tip/Trick

Going low carb has been a game changer. We have excellent control and non-diabetic numbers.

Share what the word thrive means to you!

Thrive to me means living a full and normal life despite T1D. Normal blood sugar numbers not-diabetic normal numbers.

We are thriving with…

Low Carb diet, looping, Sherlock our Diabetic Alert Dog

What do you wish someone told you earlier as a caregiver for someone with diabetes?

That eating what you want and dosing is horrible advice. You will never get the control you want and that your child deserves. Find a endocrinologist who supports normal blood sugar (70-120). Do what you think is in the best interest of your child’s long term health.

Words of Encouragement and Hope

You can achieve normal blood sugar ! It is possible!

Final Thoughts

Be your own advocate, do your own research, find support from other like minded T1D’s.


You can follow their journey on @teamlondon1D on Instagram if you are interested in learning more. London’s mom is also writing a children’s book for Type 1 Diabetic’s so that will be exciting to check out in the near future. Enjoy!



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