Feature Friday: Jeniece, Davitra, & Pump Posse

Feature Friday: Jeniece, Davitra, & Pump Posse


Today I have a local interview for you on this Feature Friday! The interview is with Davitra and her daughter Jeniece who has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The family lives in Philadelphia, PA and they have a wonderful book out which teaches about T1D called, “Pump Posse!” I wanted to share this resource with you because it’s a good one!

What inspired your family to write a book about Type 1 Diabetes?

The book was written by Jeniece鈥檚 grandmother (my mom).聽She was inspired because she noticed other children (classmates and friends) would inquire about Jeniece鈥檚 devices and what she had to go through on a daily basis.

Did you feel that there was a lack of representation with the characters in T1D books for children?

Absolutely. When Ladybug (nickname for Jeniece) was diagnosed, she was given books with animal representation rather than children who she could relate to.

NOTE: Representation is KEY for children in books about a new diagnosis. Children should 聽see characters that look like them and that speak like them 馃檪

What is your T1D book about (Title, character(s), short plot description) and what could a child learn from this book?

The title is “Pump Posse!” In the book聽Jeniece is feeling sick and has to go to the hospital. She鈥檚 diagnosed with T1D and has to learn how to deal with life.聽The book walks through her diagnosis and how she explains it to her friends and family.

What is it like having a child who is living with diabetes?
  • It is a 24/7 job 48 hours a day.
  • It is a challenge that has become simply everyday life!
  • It is sleepless nights, lots of med supplies and perks at the park (we jump the lines! 馃ぃ)
  • It is a challenge that we embrace, because it is what makes Ladybug (Jeniece) so very special!
How do you thrive and care for yourself as a caregiver and mother?

I have created a village of daily and friends to serve as her caregivers when I need a break (a full night of sleep).聽Monthly spa and quiet time is totally necessary. Finally, social media has been a wonderful network of knowledge, insight and encouragement.

Any final thoughts or things you would like to share about life, diabetes, the online diabetic community, literature, your book, family…

T1D is very well researched and we are so thankful for all of the technological advances. Also, having literature like “Pump Posse” and “Thriving Diabetic” (English / Spanish) are such a bonus to help understand and dispel the myths and misunderstandings of Type ONE diabetes.

Thank you for reading!


Davitra and Jeniece

CLICK ON “PUMP POSSE” if you are interested in learning more or purchasing the book!

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