Feature Friday: Fea from England!

Feature Friday!

Today our Feature Friday guest is coming to us from England and she is thriving! Her name is Fea and she is 9 years old. She was diagnosed in April of 2021 and she uses an insulin pump and CGM device to help make life easier with diabetes. Her goal with her amazing mum is to raise awareness & fundraising for diabetes! I hope you enjoy hearing how she is thriving as a T1D…

What helps Fea with Diabetes…


My tandem TSLIM x2 insulin pump & dexcom g6 CGM (cos they keep me alive) and means not all the injections and finger pricks.

How do you thrive with diabetes?


What helps me to thrive is to spread awareness and fundraise to help find a cure for us all. I’ve been sharing my story and my mum and I created this account to help raise awareness and teach people the signs and symptoms. I also wanted to show people who are newly diagnosed what it’s like and what all the equipment is like, as I didn’t know.

Diabetes doesn’t define me it makes me stronger.



PS- Follow her and her mum on Instagram @T1Fea and check out some more T1D resources here! Thanks for your continued support! If you enjoyed this story read from others here and here too!

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